Väskförbudet: För tillfället gäller det ett allmänt väskförbud på större evenemang. Vi rekommenderar dig att lämna din väska hemma. Om du mot förmodan har med dig väska till en konsert ändå så behöver du alltid förvänta dig att väskan behöver visiteras innan du kommer in. Läs mer här.


Live, 17 juni, 2023

Metallica are playing at Ullevi so Metallica Club Scandinavia decided to arrange a party, meet-up, whatever you want to call it. An evening with food, drinks, special giveaweays and heavy music!

Live on stage: METAL LIKA

Metal Lika is not only a tribute band that plays as similar as possible, they also work to bring out the unique sound from each individual record.
The years focused on are 83-91, from Kill ‘em All to the Black Album, considered by many to be Metallica’s best period!
+ more bands to be announced


Pirate Rock is with us during the evening and of course offers the best that the rock world can offer.
Mingle and chat with radio profiles, request music and participate in a prestigious rock quiz.

About Pirate Rock:
With its heart in Kungälv, since the start in 2013, Pirate Rock has grown like an avalanche and is today one of Sweden’s biggest rock stations. With Antonina Kobylinski at the helm and an editor who wants to think differently about the music selection, over 30,000 listeners per day have chosen to add Pirate Rock as their favorite channel.
No band is too big or too small for Pirate Rock, if it’s a good riff, so be it!
Competitions and a Quiz ( starts 19 pm) will be held and we will also kick off a competition and lottery online shortly after the doors open – so make sure you got your phones charged!
There might be some on the wall questions at Valand that can get you a Metallica prize as well…. (to be answered on FB).
All prizes are from Metallica headquarters or official Metallica releases, including picks, setlists, passes, metclub mags, etc.